Longford Park Celebrations

09/05/2010 at 4:00 pm (Uncategorized)

Thank you to Friends of Longford Park for inviting Rubbish Revamped to join in the celebrations for the older children’s play area, currently going through a revamp! Together with circus skills, Chorlton Plant Swap and a fire engine, we set up stall offering a display of recycled crafts and free workshops for children and adults.

Making boxes from greeting cards at Longford Park

Making boxes from greeting cards at Longford Park

The May weather teased us, starting out gloriously warm only to throw a cold wind at us. Braving the possibility of being blown away, several children and assorted adults joined us to make CD-sun catchers, little boxes out of greeting cards and funky button bracelets – these went down particularly well so will definitely be seen again on future Rubbish Revamped festival stalls. If you’re as obsessed with buttons as us (yep, there’s lots of us about!), do join a two-hour buttons workshop on a Thursday evening. There are two to choose from this summer so take your pick from the website at http://www.rubbishrevamped.org.uk/workshops.html


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