Bottle top pin cushions: Good enough to eat?

14/05/2010 at 12:35 am (Uncategorized)

“Yummy, funny and very more-ish” says Maggie of the bottle top pin cushions. They do look rather cup-cake like, but we managed to restrict the nibbling to the real cake. The actual pin cushions were crafted from, yes, bottle tops and bottoms, bits of felt and pieces of jumper; beads, buttons and ribbons were added as embellishments.

Workshop participants admiring their fantastic handicraft at tonight’s session.
Thank you for your lovely feedback.
“Thanks again Danielle – very pleased with my products! You made it all seem so ‘doable'”, Brenda
“An enjoyable two hours – beautiful and practical”, Jenny. That’s Rubbish Revamped’s aim, to make attractive and even better, functional items out of rubbish!
“I had so much fun, and I’m definitely using these as gifts in the future. Can’t wait to do another workshop” – looking forward to seeing you again too Lulu!

Want to make your own Amazing Bottle Top Pin Cushions? Packs and DIY guides will be on sale at the Chorlton Arts Festival craft fair on 22 May 2010. Please send other enquiries to

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