Bloomin’ marvellous time in Centenary Gardens

27/06/2010 at 10:12 pm (External workshops)

Fantastic weather + bags of enthusiasm = just the right formula from the people Old Trafford for today’s celebrations in the centenary gardens.

As well as the old favourites, making CD sun-catchers and button bracelets, we took on board the green-fingered flavour of the event – it being within the lush looking centenary gardens – by making crazy planters.

Making crazy planters at Trafford Centenary Gardens

Making crazy planters at Trafford Centenary Gardens

Fancy making your own crazy milk bottle planter?
Carefully slice the bottom off a one-litre plastic milk bottle and make some holes in the lid (eg with a small screw driver).
Turn upside down, and fill with compost topped with a plant of your choice.
Doesn’t the handle look like a nose? Ok, so decorate the bottle to look like a face, drawing with felt pens or simply sticking on some googley eyes.
The plant looks like hair and we added further decorations by stringing buttons and beads through holes made at the top of the bottle. We also made colourful bead circles from Fruitshoot bottles.

'Parsley head' the crazy milk bottle planter



  1. ginny carlson said,

    fantastic, I am going to use this in my day program for Adults,

  2. Kids Creative Chaos said,

    Love that Parsley Head. Linked to my Pinterest Contest and showcased on my blog this week ~ Congrats!

  3. rubbishrevamped said,

    Thanks for your comments!
    Do keep in touch via the Facebook page at or on Twitter at as this blog is no longer updated.

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