Blissed Out with Buttons – and with bubbly!

16/07/2010 at 11:44 am (Past workshop)

Yes indeed, those are champagne flutes you see before your very eyes on the crafting table.  A nice coincidence for the last in-house Rubbish Revamped workshop of the summer, it was Lynne’s birthday and her two accompanying friends, Louise and Debbie, brought a bottle of champagne.  This was saved until ‘half time’ when we stopped for cake (yep, with candles) and were moving on from the slightly fiddly button heart decorations to the more soothing button bracelets. Do admire the results below.

Blissed out with Buttons and bubbly!
I wish I’d done this months ago! I have thoroughly enjoyed the evening, meeting nice people and going away feeling satisfied with my small but beautiful achievement. Thank you Danielle!” Karen

“I’m very un-crafty and creative but it didn’t matter… Lovely friendly, relaxed and supportive environment” Anna

Made a lovely birthday evening! Such a lovely atmosphere. I have never done anything like this before and found it very relaxing. Thanks for a great evening. Had a laugh too! (Now hooked!).

Jazzy button bracelets - all the rage this summer

Really sorry to all of you who could not get a place on this session. The workshop will definitely be available again in the Autumn/Winter programme. Can’t wait that long? Get a group of mates together and host your own Rubbish Revamped button party – email me at for a quote. I’m also working on Blissed Out with Buttons: The Bag. Oh yes, there is no end to the excitement available from button crafting.


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