Buttons all in favour for Louise’s wedding

24/09/2010 at 6:22 pm (Uncategorized)

Back in July, Louise organised a Rubbish Revamped craft ‘jamboree’ for Stockport girl guide helpers for a massive centenary celebration (we hear the button bracelets were a big hit!). Whilst here, among the Rubbish Revamped sock monkeys, junkmail pots and other ecclectic crafts, she spotted some little wire button hearts. These inspired her to ask for a Rubbish Revamped wedding favour and place setting based on buttons hearts. Here is her chosen design.

Louise & Robbie's Rubbish Revamped wedding favours

The little pegs will have each guest’s name on them. That is, all 95 of them! The button hearts can be hung up on the wall or Christmas tree. What a lovely memory this will be for their family and friends, especially as they were all hand-crafted by Louise and her bridesmaids.

Louise (far left) with three of her five bridesmaid (or 'crafting sweat-shop'...?)

Hope you have a fabulous day on 16 October, Louise and Robbie!

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