Bonkers for button bracelets

20/10/2010 at 11:11 pm (Uncategorized)

Getting creative with juice cartons

Getting creative with juice cartons

A fun creative time was had at the Broomwood Youth Centre in Timperley on a cold and dark October evening.  After admittedly  eyeing up the Rubbish Revamped display a mite suspiciously(*) young people launched enthusiastically into making juice carton wallets and button bracelets.  As you can see below, some people could not be torn away from it, equally attractive to male and female bracelet makers.

"I could do this all night long"

* That’ll be the weird looking sock creatures and junkmail creations, not the Rubbish Revamped staff, of course.

Here’s a picture of the sock bunnies just for Lucy as she was so enamoured with them. Maybe we’ll be back to make some of them? Start gathering those baby socks…

Tactile little bunnies made from baby socks and stuffed with rice and lavendar


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  1. Vicki Duncan said,

    Danielle, on behalf of myself and Trafford Housing Trust, I would like to say thank you so much for yet again wowing the young people with your fantastic creative workshops.

    At Broomwood Youth Centre, Timperley (a Trafford Council session/centre) the team enjoyed the sessions as much as the young people and from a THT point of view it was great to see so many of our young people from our community all joining in on the fun.

    Here’s to more in the future 🙂

    Much appreciations for you and your spendid sessions

    Vicki Duncan

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