Bigging it up at the Great Northern Craft Fair

25/10/2010 at 6:29 pm (Uncategorized)

Had a lovely day out with Rubbish Revamped regular Lynne at the Great Northern Craft Fair this weekend. Felt a bit depressed by the costs (yes, I know how long things take to make…) especially for silver jewellery; will stick to junkmail and button adornments for now! Completely wowed by the big knitter, Ingrid Wagner, who was vibrantly welcoming, thrusting ginormous knitting needles at anyone within reaching distance (pretty far, considering their length).  I couldn’t resist buying a kit. This included needles, balls of selvage (this is apparently a strip cut off material that would go to waste) and a pattern to make a cushion. I’m actually going to make a bag. Got started last night. It’s fun but quite hard work, probably the closest I’m getting to having a work-out and building up a sweat.

big knitting
My other purchase was a floral sillouette hanging from the lovely and massively talented Sarah Morpeth who creates stunning 3-D sculptures from books, among other papercraft magic. Do check out their websites. Coincidentally they are both based in Northumberland.


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