Don’t feel neglected!

09/12/2010 at 12:16 am (Uncategorized)

Wot no posts for a while? Yes it’s been a bit quiet on the blog post front, but it doesn’t mean no action. Rubbish Revamped is busy and still sharing events and photos, but currently concentrating on the Facebook page at
. As a wannabe eco-crafting cyberbabe, one has to try different communication means on ‘tinternet – website, blog, Twitter, Facebook are the popular ones. It’s a great way to reach different people and always fun to try out new things. As Facebook ‘pages’ are accessible to everyone and are more conducive to other people joining in with comments and ‘likes’, it seems a good idea to put the focus there. If I’m wrong, and blogs remain the place to be, well, leave a comment here. Otherwise we’ll see you over on the Facebook page at

You’ll find a guide for making a ribbon from junkmail there. Happy festive season!

Make your own junkmail bow



  1. Hannah Browne said,


    Just noticed you were deliberating over using a blog or facebook. Are you aware of the facebook app “Networked blogs”? Links your blog so it automatically posts in facebook. A great way to direct more people to your blog and saves you updating in more than one place! Also a good way to find other people’s blogs. I’ve just linked mine and the majority of my site’s traffic comes from there now.

    Apologies if you already know about it!

    Loving your business by the way. I’m thinking about setting up something similar with an actual shop/workshop base so I’m looking around for people who’ve had success with it. Would love to hear any advice if you might have some to offer.

    In the meantime,

    Happy crafting!

    • rubbishrevamped said,

      Hi Hannah
      Thanks for your comment here. I have in the past tried to import blog posts to Facebook and it wouldn’t for some reason recognise the blog and do the import. I think we get more isits to the Facebook page and people are more interactive, so I might just stick to that for now.
      I run my workshops either from my home for small groups or at the venue of organisations hiring me. I think having a shop could be expensive unless you can combine it with selling crafts or craft materials. I saw wool shop in Bristol that ran knitting classes in-house and the atmosphere seemed really nice.
      Good luck with your venture – whereabouts are you?
      Best wishes

  2. Hannah Browne said,

    Hi Danielle,

    Thanks for your response.

    Yes my plan was to sell recycled crafts as well, my own and others, for an extra income stream. Like you say, I want to create a lovely atmosphere around my shop, so fingers crossed I can pull it off! And perhaps I could invite you over as a guest teacher to run a course one day!

    I’m based in Sheffield. As far as I can tell, not much being offered in this line of business at the moment, so hopefully I can fill the gap.

    Take care


  3. rubbishrevamped said,

    Ooo yes, that would be fun. I’d love to do a guest workshop. I’m in Manchester so shouldn’t be too hard to get over to Sheffield. And if you would like to join a Rubbish Revamped workshop, it would be lovely to meet you. The latest programme is always on the website at
    Best wishes

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