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  1. Lucy Jones said,

    hi there I am interested in the recycling workshops that you hold. When is the next weekend one? And where about are you based? Do you hold any other workshops?

    Many thanks Lucy Jones

  2. rubbishrevamped said,

    Hi Lucy
    Our latest programme is available at
    We have a workshop next Sunday, Rubbish Revamped in the Garden and then two Saturday workshops in December. Otherwise they are on Thursday evenings. We’re based in Chorlton, South Manchester. Hope you can make it to a workshop!

  3. rachael said,


    I was absolutely amazed when i saw your web site, i have been working for a local youth group trying to encourage recycling, I have a great background of experience working with crafts and textiles and would love to get involved with your project. I have a degree in textiles and design from 3 years previous, I would just like to know if you are looking for additional team members and if this is a voluntry course or paid work..either way look forward to your respnse..

    Many Thanks

    • rubbishrevamped said,

      Hi Rachael
      Thanks for your message – I love it when people are so excited to find Rubbish Revamped! There are some paid opportunities for helping to tutor on the workshops, especially at external events when more participants are involved. Why don’t you come to a workshop sometime to get more of an idea about the set-up and then we can talk about the possibilities of joining the Rubbish Revamped team? All the workshop information is at
      best wishes

  4. natasha said,

    HI I am interesting in a junk mail jewellery workshop for a group of women i work with at a sure start children’s centre in greater manchester.

    The group of mothers I work with meet on wednesday mornings at 9.30 – 11.

    Also we have a childrens gardening group that I would love to have a recycling gardening workshop at.

    I just wanted to see if this would be something you could help me with.



    • rubbishrevamped said,

      Hi Natasha
      Junkmail jewellery is all the rage now – and it’s great fun. That workshop normally runs for two hours but it can be arranged for a shorter session and everyone will still come out with a finished bracelet.
      We could do some fun stuff with the children – crazy planters recently went down well at a school event.
      I can do you a description of workshops and a quote. Do you have some actual dates in mind? Please email directly to and we can get something organised.
      Danielle Lowy
      Rubbish Revamped

  5. Sue Nichols said,


    For a few years now i’ve been saving cleansing wipes, washing them in a wash bag at 40 Degrees with my whites and using them to stuff draght excluders, which i make from old scarves we have loved, usually bought from the bargain buckets of charity shops.

    It’s very easy to do, saves the wipes from landfil, saves the scarves from the moths, saves you from the fashion police and saves on energy bills ‘cos you’re not sat in a draughty room.

    I’m running out of doors to exclude draughts from. Would you be interested in some as an example?


    • rubbishrevamped said,

      Hi Sue
      What an imaginative, thrifty and useful craft – all rolled into one! It would be lovely to see on of your draught excluders. Where are you based? I’m in South Manchester. It would be lovely if you could post a picture. The Facebook page is probably the best, if you use Facebook? It’s at
      Thanks for getting in touch

  6. anne clements said,

    Would it be possible to send you my collection of buttons for recycling?

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