New banner unfurled at Didsbury Arts Festival

28/09/2010 at 2:47 pm (Uncategorized)

Just wanted to show off the new Rubbish Revamped banner that made its debut at the Didsbury Arts Festival this weekend. Of course it is fully made from rubbish, including old ties, plastic bag pieces (eg spot the frozen pea bag) and old bits of material. I’m only just learning how to use my new sewing machine, received last Christmas. It’s an Impression 2000, in case that means anything to anyone, and has a rather peculiar bobin casing. Here it is, after sweat and nearly tears too, and help from the lovely husband (the one responsible for the purchase…) and the patient and talented embroiderer Liz Cooksey (if she had a website there’d be a link…).

Rubbish Revamped stall and banner at Didsbury Craft Cafe

Most popular today was button bracelet making. The new sock monkey kits went down well too. More to come!


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Buttons all in favour for Louise’s wedding

24/09/2010 at 6:22 pm (Uncategorized)

Back in July, Louise organised a Rubbish Revamped craft ‘jamboree’ for Stockport girl guide helpers for a massive centenary celebration (we hear the button bracelets were a big hit!). Whilst here, among the Rubbish Revamped sock monkeys, junkmail pots and other ecclectic crafts, she spotted some little wire button hearts. These inspired her to ask for a Rubbish Revamped wedding favour and place setting based on buttons hearts. Here is her chosen design.

Louise & Robbie's Rubbish Revamped wedding favours

The little pegs will have each guest’s name on them. That is, all 95 of them! The button hearts can be hung up on the wall or Christmas tree. What a lovely memory this will be for their family and friends, especially as they were all hand-crafted by Louise and her bridesmaids.

Louise (far left) with three of her five bridesmaid (or 'crafting sweat-shop'...?)

Hope you have a fabulous day on 16 October, Louise and Robbie!

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Out & About in September

16/09/2010 at 3:40 pm (Uncategorized)

Fun and busy times at Rubbish Revamped this month. Here’s a little photographic diary. Fancy some crafting yourself? See what takes your fancy on the workshops page.

Good enough to eat: Pin cushions made from bottle bottoms and old socks!

Good enough to eat: Pin cushions made from bottle bottoms and old socks at Sophie's crafty hen party

Who says crafting's just for girls? Making selections for funky buttons bracelets in Moss Side

Juice cartons become wallets and old CDs and junkmail transform into flying fish in Moss Side

Juice cartons become wallets and old CDs and junkmail transform into flying fish in Moss Side

Occupational therapists came up from London for a marathon weekend of Rubbish Revamping. Here they are with their creations and 'how to' guides, ready to blast the capital with eco-crafting activities

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New workshops ready to book!

06/08/2010 at 8:13 pm (Uncategorized)

Sock Monkeys, Junkmail Jewellery, Folksy Hangings, Blissed Out with Buttons – lots of favourites are on the Autumn menu, ready for you to book now.

Book now or the monkey gets it?

There’s some new ones too including Blissed out with Buttons: The Bag and weaving baskets from magazines, among others.

Old newspaper and magazine 'upcycled' for a useful function - and they're gorgeous!

Not only is there a lovely new programme but prices have been kept low with most workshops costing only £12.00 including coffee and cake. What are you waiting for? Hop on over to see what you fancy at

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Getting Giddy with the Guide Group

01/08/2010 at 11:13 pm (Uncategorized)

It was great fun training up a group of guide leaders in preparation for a massive celebration camp this summer. Blast 100 is celebrating 100 years of girl guiding with a three day camp packed full of activities including, you guessed it, Rubbish Revamped crafting.

Six lovely guide leaders trouped in to learn how to make CD sun-catchers, greeting card boxes and button bracelets.  Things did indeed get a bit giddy when the buttons came out, especially when organiser Louise delved into the box of nearly 5,000 buttons supplied for camp stocks.

Buttons bracelets, boxes and sun-catchers

Multiple crafting with girl guide leaders

“A fantastic evening – really love all the crafts. So friendly – a great experience”

Hope you all have a fantastic time at Blast 100 and look forward to seeing you again for some more crafting.

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The Big Lunch: Eating, singing, crafting & socialising in Altrincham

22/07/2010 at 12:52 am (Uncategorized)

The Big Lunch is a fantastic venture from the people who set up the Eden Project. The idea is for people living near each other, but not necessarily usually spending time together, to get to know each other by enjoying a lunch and other sociable activities – such as crafting!

Here we are in Altrincham joining in the fun thanks to Trafford Housing Trust and the lovely Hub community centre. Children and young people were quite taken with the latest Rubbish Revamped CD crafting, the Flying Fish and the Fish on a Stick.

Flying fish ~ the workshop went swimmingly...

Button bracelets were much in demand too – with all ages and both genders.

The cool male accessory of the summer - a Rubbish Revamped button bracelet

The icing on the cake – after a delicious *free* barbecue, salads and cakes – was the lovely Vicki Duncan, youth worker extraordinaire, picking up her guitar and singing some tunes. It even stopped raining for a while…

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Blissed Out with Buttons – and with bubbly!

16/07/2010 at 11:44 am (Past workshop)

Yes indeed, those are champagne flutes you see before your very eyes on the crafting table.  A nice coincidence for the last in-house Rubbish Revamped workshop of the summer, it was Lynne’s birthday and her two accompanying friends, Louise and Debbie, brought a bottle of champagne.  This was saved until ‘half time’ when we stopped for cake (yep, with candles) and were moving on from the slightly fiddly button heart decorations to the more soothing button bracelets. Do admire the results below.

Blissed out with Buttons and bubbly!
I wish I’d done this months ago! I have thoroughly enjoyed the evening, meeting nice people and going away feeling satisfied with my small but beautiful achievement. Thank you Danielle!” Karen

“I’m very un-crafty and creative but it didn’t matter… Lovely friendly, relaxed and supportive environment” Anna

Made a lovely birthday evening! Such a lovely atmosphere. I have never done anything like this before and found it very relaxing. Thanks for a great evening. Had a laugh too! (Now hooked!).

Jazzy button bracelets - all the rage this summer

Really sorry to all of you who could not get a place on this session. The workshop will definitely be available again in the Autumn/Winter programme. Can’t wait that long? Get a group of mates together and host your own Rubbish Revamped button party – email me at for a quote. I’m also working on Blissed Out with Buttons: The Bag. Oh yes, there is no end to the excitement available from button crafting.

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Bin there, done that

08/07/2010 at 9:39 pm (Uncategorized)

Hopefully many of you are supporters of the Big Issue magazine (sold by homeless people in the UK, for those of you visiting the blog from foreign parts!).  If you missed last week’s edition, here is a copy of the Rubbish Revamped article, “Bin there, done that”. The article is full of ideas for using rubbish creatively and decoratively in the garden, as well as offering other thrifty gardening suggestions.

Boot and ball planters

Boot and ball planters

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Last of the summer workshops!

29/06/2010 at 8:22 pm (Uncategorized)

Don’t miss out on the last of this summer’s workshops. Here’s what’s on the menu this July:

First on offer on Thursday 1.7.10 (7-9pm) is Clear-up-your-clutter tin can storage system.
It’s what it says on the tin. The ultimate in revamping: rubbish made functional and stylish. It’ll come in handy in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, for craft items or even for gardening sundries. You know you need one! Only £10.00 including all materials.

Clear up your clutter!

Fed with the football frenzy? Get away from it all on the finals night, 11 July 2010, for a special treat crafting beautiful brooches. We’re having a football-free crafting fiesta with Rags to Brooches. We’ll experiment with trapping materials in laminate sheets. Come and join the fun. £12.00 including all materials.

Rags to brooches - what bits of material have YOU got to use up?

On 15 July, we’re making gorgeous wire heart decorations from buttons, followed by jazzy button bracelets – they’re all the rage! Blissed Out with Buttons is £12.00 including coffee and cake.

Blissed Out with Buttons - beautiful hearts and jazzy bracelets

Blissed Out with Buttons - beautiful hearts and jazzy bracelets

More info and bookings at or from Danielle at All welcome age 14+

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Bloomin’ marvellous time in Centenary Gardens

27/06/2010 at 10:12 pm (External workshops)

Fantastic weather + bags of enthusiasm = just the right formula from the people Old Trafford for today’s celebrations in the centenary gardens.

As well as the old favourites, making CD sun-catchers and button bracelets, we took on board the green-fingered flavour of the event – it being within the lush looking centenary gardens – by making crazy planters.

Making crazy planters at Trafford Centenary Gardens

Making crazy planters at Trafford Centenary Gardens

Fancy making your own crazy milk bottle planter?
Carefully slice the bottom off a one-litre plastic milk bottle and make some holes in the lid (eg with a small screw driver).
Turn upside down, and fill with compost topped with a plant of your choice.
Doesn’t the handle look like a nose? Ok, so decorate the bottle to look like a face, drawing with felt pens or simply sticking on some googley eyes.
The plant looks like hair and we added further decorations by stringing buttons and beads through holes made at the top of the bottle. We also made colourful bead circles from Fruitshoot bottles.

'Parsley head' the crazy milk bottle planter

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